My work supports and assists in a variety of aspects; working multidimensionally within the New Source Being Practices as a Trans-muter, Upgrader, Grid-worker and Divine Architect.

I specialize in Removals through Etheric Surgery & Shamanic Extraction to uphold the integrity of

compromised Omniversal Grid Systems and Gaian Gateways through

Metatronic Reversals within the False Ascension Matrix.

I perform individual soul attunements which carry the New Earth Templating bridging into Unity Consciousness in order to express through New Source Being.   I run the corrections of genetic reordering and key codes necessary to bring you into your empowerment and Source Remembrance thus to ultimately birth your New Source Alchemy. I am contracted to assist with your fast tracking of the Ascension Process to integrate Oneness in Form, therefore making it my mission to be of service to your path of wellness. It is a blessing to work with you.

~Thank You And So It Is ~

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 Be Your Garden 

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Fortress Of  The Soul

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