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The artwork presented is a collection of channeled codes and maps of light that speak to your Divine Blueprint. The vibration in these pieces are yet another expression of Source to assist with our integration through the Energy Body Field & Form. They are a reflection of our Soul Lights.  

Sirian Heart Gate Through Horizon of Origin

~Sirian Heart Gate Through Horizon of Origin~

Solstice Gates~Stoking the Fires

~Solstice Gates~Stoking the Fires~

Relics of the Star Chalice From Ancient Ones

~Relics of the Star Chalice From Ancient Ones~


~Balancing Mind Fields Through Anchoring the Return~

Heart Induction I AM Frequency Provenanc

~Heart Induction I AM Frequency Provenance~

Fly In Stillness.jpg

~Fly In Stillness~

Ceremony of Star Ancestry.jpg

~Ceremony of Star Ancestry~

Water Liliy closeup (2)_LI.jpg
water lilies (3)_LI.jpg

~Flushing Through HeartMind~

Redtailed Hawk_LI.jpg


Twin Flame Crystal (2)_LI.jpg

~Clearing Through Planes of Existence~

Atoning through the Aqualine Sun.jpg

~Atoning Through the Aqualine Sun~

Oh What a Web We Weave.jpg

~Oh What a Tangled Web We Weave~

(QTD: Sir Walter Scott)


~Divine Masculine Sacred Scrolls~Masterpiece of Man I AM~

Firewater~Birth of the Water Phoenix.jpg

~Firewater~ Birth of the Water Phoenix~

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Go to the Map~Topography of Stars_LI.jpg

~Go to the Map ~Topography of Stars~

Alor Amoraea~Shadow Walk With Me Through

~Alor Amoraea~

~Shadow Walk With Me Through the Chambers of Light~

~Source Divine Masculine Indigo Star Initialization~

DNA Restructure of the House of Mirrors~

~Divine Masculine DNA Restructure of the House of Mirrors~

~Weaving the Christ Tribes~

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