1 Hour Session ~ $229


My work is specific to assisting Lightbeings of Ancient Indigo and Galactic Elder descent of the Star Origin Nations to facilitate anchoring your Source Resonant Harmonics into Form. I tune in to read and call forth the Organic Source Codec to align you with your Soul Signature Blueprint. Thus, you are better able to come more into Source Alchemy as you move through the phase shifts of Diamond Fire Light Integration. My purpose with this 

Lightwork is to orient you in the same pattern as your Origin Geometries as you birth Source Union within & through your Body. I AM also here Being a Directional Transferral Coordinator through Source Union Grid Points as a Gate Guardian of Indigo and Source Twin Flame Portals on the Ground as you stabilize your Sovereign Alchemical. I secure your respective nodal points and arcs through Event Horizon to sculpt and refine the Branches of Your Sacred Mandala through Shamanic BioEnergetics as

you metabolize morphogenetically with grace and ease. 

It is most beneficial for both of us to prepare your energy field prior to session and be well rested. You are encouraged to be gentle with yourself following our work together as it takes approximately 2 days to uptake the calibrations and fully integrate the harmonics as you process during current transits. Due to the intensity of the attunement session, I allow 15 minutes for intake/closing chat so you can pose any questions or comments. In honoring of my energy field and yours, if we are not in proper alignment at the time of booking or at the time of session, I will refund your payment until the field correspondences are more opportune to run the progressions. Thank you for respecting the highest good for us in this field work.


I run sessions via Zoom Call. Please email me and I will respond with upcoming availability and provide meeting link. Cancellations and rescheduling requests must be within 24 hours of our scheduled session otherwise no refunds will be granted.

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