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Yoni LaceWorks Course
~PriMordial Goddess~

Hello & Welcome 


I Am Grateful to Announce the Launch of the Yoni LaceWorks  Course I will be Hosting with my Dear Soul Sister Angela of Yoga Synthesisom February 21st through March 21st for the Feminines in Our Online Community~

This LaceWork™️ is Structured to Assist with the Embodiment of the Universal Christ in Her Form~ I Have Developed a Series of Practices to Not Only Empower your Goddess Self but to Truly Hone within the Infinite Enveloping Force of the Yoni~


This Course is Designed for those Seeking to go Deeper Within Her where She Will Reveal to You the Cosmic Wisdom and Oracle of Your Soul’s Tapestries that are Ready to Speak~ Therefore, this is a Space for Active Participation to Gain the Full Benefit and Empowerment from Our Time Together~


Angela will be Assisting Me with the Facilitation of Various Supportive Yoga Postures and BodyWork to Ensure You Are Comfortable, Receptive and Supple for this Intensive Primordial Goddess Integration~This Weekly Practice Will Further Ground You and Open Your Channels for Receiving and Igniting the Diamond Light Fire of the Universal Christ~


This 4 Week Journey Includes:

        •Gathering Together Once a Week Live via Zoom for Introductory Presentation & BodyWork~

        • Gathering Together Once a Week Live via Zoom as well, for Intuitive Yoga & BioEnergetic LaceWork™️ with Angela & Myself~

        •Downloadable Teachings for your Reference plus All Recordings of Our Group Work~

         •Meeting One-to-One with Me at the Beginning and End of this Course for a Tailored 45 minute Intake & BioEnergetic Session with the Languages of Light and BodyWork~ This LaceWork™️ Essentially Will Initiate Her to Openly Receive and Anchor all the Sanctified Codes within this Course~


Practices Presented Will Clear and Dismantle the Following plus Much More to Invoke the Goddess:

   •Various Traumas & Abuse

   •Lack on All Levels

   •Belief Systems

   •Attachments & Cords 

   •Physical Dis-Ease & Miasma 

   •Constructs & Schisms in Mental Spectrums


This Practice is Shared in Sacred and Safe Space Together~You May Share Only as You Feel Comfortable & Guided~I Will Offer Private Consult If You Do Not Prefer to Share Your Progress & Insights with the Group~Since This Is Our Yoni Practice, You Will Be Connecting to Her with the Given Instruction & Guidance in Between our Weekly Gatherings as We Build Upon Each Session as One~Please Note that This Yoni Course Involves the Use of Either a Crystal Phallus or Crystal Yoni Wand That You Resonate With the Most~This Will Be Necessary To Have Prior to the Start of This Course~ If You Need Assistance Sourcing the Best One For You, Please Reach Out to Me~ 


We Will Also Discuss Supportive and Simple Nourishment for Her Various Ceremonial Initiations So You Truly Feel Her Sacred Fires of Origin Embodied through Form Frequency~


The Cosmic Mapping of the Lingham LightBody™️ 

Will Also Be Presented to Greatly Assist Her LaceWork™️ of the Universal Christ Body~ Accompanied Practices Will Be Shared to Harness Her Alchemical Merge & Magnetic Alignments~


This Guided Delve Has Been Birthing Through Me For a Long Time and I Am So Honored and Grateful to Share this Divine LaceWork™️ With You All~


Official Registration of this Intensive Course will Begin Thursday, January 12th~

Payment Plan Option Offered Below as Well~ 


If you Have Any Other Questions, You Are Welcome to Email Me at:



We Love You,

Neayama and Yoga Synthesisom

One Time Payment of $721 Due by February 15th


Split Payment of $379 Due by February 15th and

$379 Due by March 1st



First Payment Due by February 15th



Second Payment Due by March 1st


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